Redwood Development Center (RDC)  is the first professional bilingual therapeutic education center in Shanghai. The Center provides counseling, assessment, educational support and therapy services by qualified expert professionals. One of the primary objectives of RDC is to enhance the developmental potential of children in the areas of motor intellectual, psychological, language and social skills from birth to 18 years.RDC is located on each campus of the Montessori School of Shanghai and at the American Medical Center(AMC) with dedicated space for indoor therapy and counseling. The RDC team works closely with local public and private schools and children’s hospitals in Shanghai. We welcome referrals.


Floor 3rd, East Building, No1, Lane No 888, TianlinRoad, Minhang District

Tel: +86 21 54560078
Email: rdc@montessorisos.com


No 586, Gaojing Road, Qingpu District

Tel: +86 21 59886898 | Fax: +86 21 59886898  Email: rdc@montessorisos.com


No 21, Donghu Road, Xuhui District

Tel: +86 21 54037699 | Fax: +86 21 54038979  Email: rdc@montessorisos.com


No 1313, Xiwang Road, Jiading District

Tel: +86 21 59102208 | Fax: +86 21 59101972 Email: rdc@montessorisos.com


No. 3852 Du Yuan Road, Minhang District

Tel: +86 21 59885074
Email: rdc@montessorisos.com

The RDC professional team treats the whole child, and encourages and assists children and adults to reach their potential. The experienced and trained pediatric physical and occupational therapists use treatment techniques and special equipment to meet these goals. 

Redwood Development Center is named for the Redwood tree, which grows from the smallest pinecone to the tallest tree in the forest. Redwood trees always begin life protected by a circle of mature trees. The mature trees shelter the young redwoods. The RDC team believes that circling and protecting those who need more support is a necessary and worthwhile endeavor.

The RDC team assists children and adults to be healthy and strong in their minds and bodies.  We believe that just as trees need nourishment and protection so do some children and adults in order to reach their potential.  Clients are treated with dignity and respect, while helping them manage their difficulties in a way that interrupts their lives as little as possible. There is hope through the knowledge and support of the RDC professionals.