Montessori School of Shanghai is located on 4 beautiful campuses and is accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Middle States Association (MSA-CESS).   AMS and MSA-CESS set high professional standards for schools.  MSS offers programs for children from infancy through 6 years.


586 Gaojing Road,Qingpu District

Tel: +86 21 59886688 | Fax: +86 21 59886898 Email: info.qingpu@montessorisos.com admission.qingpu@montessorisos.com


21 Donghu Road, Xuhui District

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1313 Xiwang Road, Jiading District

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3852 Duyuan Road, Minhang District

Tel: +86 21 34031000
Email: info.minhang@montessorisos.com admission.minhang@montessorisos.com

The ZION board interest to develop the best educational opportunities for children in China.  In 2004 the  Montessori School of Shanghai was founded. The rich and dynamic Montessori curriculum allows children to discover and collaborate to become bilingual learners (English and Chinese) with mastery in reading, writing, mathematics, cosmic education and science. The Montessori method of education provides a curriculum and learning environment that meets the challenges facing children of the 21st century. 

Research worldwide substantiates that students need more than the traditional reading, writing and arithmetic skills to prepare for 21st century. They need a mix of reading, writing and arithmetic skills to prepare for 21st century. They need a mix of new and old, encompassing traditional academics (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies), with life skills such as collaboration, problem solving and creativity, which include innovation, technology and global awareness. While some of these skills are not relevant for young children, research supports the importance of providing a good educational foundation at an early age.

The vision of the Montessori School of Shanghai educational team is to provide opportunities for children to become independent thinkers, maintain their curiosity and to develop self-confidence, independence, along with a sense of responsibility and compassion. These skills will enable our future leaders and entrepreneurs, to collaborate with others from all over the world and to solve challenging complex problems.  Specially trained teachers encourage and support children’s need to experiment, discover and question while strengthening independence and the ability to collaborate and create.