Holding a shared vision of MSS, RDC and TMEC from the ZION Educational Investment Group, the Affinity Foundation would like to help many families to improve their lives by assisting children to be the best that they can be.


The children, families, overseas returners and interested people from all sectors of society are invited to be involved in charity projects through the platform of our foundation.  Our children will benefit by learning empathy through participating in meaningful activities, which are designed and organized for children’s overall development. The efforts from all resources will promote the education development in the local community.

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It is the interest of the ZION to provide best educational opportunities and resources for children in China. Aiming to support local left-behind children in the Zunyi mountain area, the Affinity Foundation initiated the charity summer camp program,  based on several onsite visits and communication with the local school and education bureau. The module of “2+1” welcomed Shanghai based families with eligible children to participate in the well-planned summer camp by spending time with local sponsored children. Many activities in study and exploration enriched participants by strengthening their friendship, confidence and pride in contributing to this charity.


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The National College Entrance Examination is regarded as an important milestone of a person’s academic journey. The inequality of educational resources and limited financial support causes many students to struggle to perform their best. Since its establishment, the Affinity Foundation joined the charity program to help the students in Guizhou Province. As of 2018, 100 students with excellent performance in study but living in poverty have been selected and benefited from this program. Volunteers visited and encouraged these children to be more confident and stay well to embrace the challenges and other opportunities in life. 


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Academic exchange is another important aspect of the Affinity Foundation to support the development of local education. In mid 2017, MSS teacher volunteers visited Zheng An County in Zunyi, Guizhou Province and kicked off a dialogue with the teacher representatives from 5 local kindergartens and schools regarding how to improve children’s interest in reading. The local teachers expressed their sympathy and willingness to apply appropriate ways according to their needs, so as to benefit local students. The foundation also invited the local pre-school teachers to participate in the MSS Chinese teachers’ training in Shanghai.

The foundation also pays prioritizes the health and life of sick children with poor Uremia from disadvantaged families. A simple statistic illustrates that 5 out of 1000 children may be affected by Uremia every year, whose renal metabolism, quality of life and normal development are seriously impacted.  With the continuous development and improvement of technology, renal transplantation has become another medical choice, however, the treatment is very costly making it impossible for children from poor families to access it. Since 2016, the Affinity Foundation has been working together with Zeng Li’s Children Transplantation Fund to connect the public resources to help these poor families and support their children in transplantation treatment in the Chang Hai Hospital.

The Affinity Foundation offers a socially valuable platform for the students and families in Shanghai. With abundant resources and a wide network, the foundation provides opportunities for students to work as volunteers to participate in various areas of social practice: collecting funds to support children who are less-fortunate, participating in charity read-a-thons, and exhibitions, bazaars and DIY.  Together with charity partners such as the TLP, the Soong Ching Ling Foundation He Zhong Fund for example, our students and families are proud of this charity.


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As it was said, a man of virtue thinks of the old and the young who are not related with him by blood when he is raising his family.  Sharing the same responsibility, the foundation is willing to make some contribution to support the elder who returned from the overseas or based in the mainland.  “My Elder Friends” program is developed to connect the elder and the young which are both regarded as vulnerable groups in society, to enhance their psychological support, confidence and happiness through proper interaction and communications.


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